front-end developer

Here are some cool things I've built or helped build:
I was previously the lead engineer/engineering manager for the Small Business Card section of the Capital One website. I led modernized rebuilds of our homepage, "all cards" page and "product detail" pages. The site is a Angular static site that pulls data and content from various sources such as an internal CMS, internal APIs, and external APIs.
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Before leading the website team, I was a senior engineer for the Small Business Card web application team. Notably, I led the architecture and development of our migration to a "multi-page" application, which splits credit card the application process into more managable chunks. The application is an SSR React & Redux application.
React component library built using Stitches. Its the component library used to build the website you're on right now!
The website you are on right now. This website is built using Next.js, Stitches, and MDX.